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Crista Whitelatch
April 25, 2019 | Vineyard, Winery | Crista Whitelatch


Spring is finally here, and we’ve put new bedding in our hawk-houses and pairs have claimed their homes. Luckily our vineyard crew had been hard at work in our vineyard in January so when the Snow- apocalypse came in February our pruning had mostly been completed. We were snowbound for four weeks and 4-5 feet in many places. Normally we get 5 inches of rainfall per year and very little snow, so this was quite a February to remember.

Back to pruning! The actual portion of the vines which produce the grapes are called 'canes', and these grow off the cordon of older vines. We prune to two buds which gives us the best crop size for our vineyard and the choice and length of the pruning supports the size of the crop. Once the vines are producing grapes, we’ll also hand thin to make sure we have the best crop.


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