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Our Winemaker

Joe Hudon

Joe Hudon has a diverse 15 year wine related background working in medium to large scale wineries in Australia, California, New Zealand and Washington from viticulturist to winemaker.  Joe started his career on the viticulture side monitoring vineyards throughout Washington State while earning his bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Washington State University.  Joe worked in West Australia for Houghton’s Winery and New Zealand for Kim Crawford Winery before attending the University of Adelaide where he completed a master’s degree in oenology.  Joe then worked for Ernest and Julio Gallo in Modesto California as assistant winemaker before coming back home to Washington State.  Joe picked out the best methods from each of his winemaking experiences with the intent of always improving quality and efficiency. Joe understands that winemaking starts in the vineyard and works extensively with our crew to create world class wine. Joe recently won the Sweepstakes Winemaker Award for our 2013 Claar Cellars Ice Wine at the San Francisco Wine Awards. Joe's winemaking skill has garnered many prestigious awards for our entire wine portfolio. Joe is going on his 7th year as our winemaker.

Experience (chronological order):


Covey Run Winery – Viticulture


Washington State University –

Bachelor’s in Horticulture


Columbia Crest Winery – Winemaking


USDA Parma, Idaho - Viticulture Research


Houghton’s Winery, West Australia – Winemaking


The Hogue Cellars – Viticulture


Kim Crawford Winery – Winemaking


University of Adelaide, South Australia –

Master’s of Oenology


Ernest & Julio Gallo Modesto, California –

Assistant Winemaker


Goose Ridge Estate Winery – Bulk Winemaker


Claar Cellars - Winemaker

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